Noon CDT 8 June 2017 - No further Advisory's have been issued by the Sabine River Authority since Tuesdays Advisory 1.  Lake level stands at 172.23 as of 11:30 AM CDT 8 June, 2017.  172 Feet is considered full.

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5:25 PM Wednesday 7 June 17 - As of the latest observed value Toledo Bend remained at a value of 172.4' taken at 4:45 PM 7 June 2017.

As of 5:25 PM today the Sabine River Authority had issued no further update from yesterday's Advisory #1 - both generators remain in 24/7 operation.

The lake is considered full at a height of 172 feet. Today's sunny skies helped some in drying the river valley and no more rain water entering the valley system.  Officials will reassess the situation tomorrow.

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The Sabine River Authority issued an advisory late yesterday to all persons of  interest along the Sabine River basin, to the effect that as of 4PM yesterday the reservoir elevation was at 172.42 ft. MSL.  The reservoir is expected to continue to rise which would necessitate the opening of the spillway gates - initially five gates would open one foot each.

Up to the minute elevations and releases can be obtained from the Toledo Bend Project offices 24/7 at 337-286-5253 or 409-565-2273.

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As published before here are locations for sandbags in SWLA.