Lately while considering entertainment options there's been the curiosity to see Halloween 2018 if only to check out how four decades of real life have treated Jamie Lee Curtis since the babysitter first escaped an unreal night of more tricks than treats and just barely, with her cinematic life.

Though I suspect as the lead shill on TV for that stomach culture improving product plus the idea that she's likely eaten quiche when it was very cool, does yoga and other things other than slug back ice cold bottled beer and eat pizza, she has likely weathered the decades well.

But why go to the movies when a real life horror show may be playing out for Halloween in real time before our eyes. Like the crazed knife wielding Michael who returns and returns, the 2018 Hurricane Season keeps stirring back to life. Although October hurricanes aren't unheard of, they're scarcer this time of year. And no one is in the mood for pumpkin spiced destruction.

24 Oct 18 1900 Hrs CDT National Weather Service

On Wednesday evening an 7 pm CDT report from The National Weather Service in Miami indicated a large area of disturbed weather is located over the central tropical Atlantic Ocean, associated with a broad area low. The short end of the report is that over the next five days into the weekend there's a 70% chance of some circulation of winds forming due to favorable conditions presently in that area of the ocean.

In a few days we're expecting goblins and witches and super heroes at the door for pre-packaged individual sanitary candy packets, not sandbags, bottled water and plywood on the windows. No one anywhere on any US east or any coast got time for this, nor does anyone on any foreign coast want this so close to the holidays and travel season.

2018 Hurricane Season go home. Just go flutter out somewhere in the lonely Atlantic, just go.

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