By the title of this post "Tropical Update" usually means I want my pina' colada freshened some.  Of course we're talking weather, and Disturbance 2 (yellow on the map) is pretty much the same as last evening, though it has drifted NE some nearer the Florida Atlantic coast.  Stirring up the atmosphere and producing nice rain for Miami vacationers. (Does anyone go to Miami on vacation anymore?)

According to the National Weather Service the chances of further formation/organization of 2 is low, at 10% over the next 2-5 days.

As for Disturbance 1 (orange on the map) has been drifting from the west coast of Africa for days without amounting to much. But as of this afternoon the Hurricane Center is now thinking there's about a 40% chance of further development, however the upper atmosphere environment is likely to keep it away from the US mainland no matter how it develops, and will probably remain more of a shipping hazard.

Tropical Storm Franklin? Couldn't make it across the Mexican mountain range.  It's rain and clouds now.

LG - 1400 Hrs 10 August 2017