How many times have I been driving down the freeway, in a semi-hurry (cause I'm never in a full hurry) and semi-trucks are in both lanes going the same speed with a mile of vehicles behind them? Oh, how I silently cursed you to myself.

I take all that back.

Truck drivers on 696 in Michigan near Huntington Woods assisted Michigan State Police around 1 AM today prevent a man from jumping off an overpass to his death.

The call came in that a man was dangling his feet from an overpass on the eastbound lanes threatening to jump to his death into the speeding traffic 25 feet below. There are two problems with this A) a sad suicide would occur and B) there's no telling what further damage and wrecks might occur from sleepy drivers trying to avoid him.

State police, thinking quickly and kudos to them, began organizing eastbound truck drivers to come to a halt under the bridge, so that if the man did jump he wouldn't fall but a few feet and onto the relatively softer aluminum tops of the trailers.

WJBK TV - Oak Park, MI - Truckers line lanes beneath overpass to prevent suicide leap

When the man scooted over some, westbound truckers pulled to a stop in those lanes.

The man ended up walking off the bridge after a couple of hours of conversation with negotiators, he was taken to the nearby Beaumont hospital for evaluation and observation.

Over the years I've known a few truckers, and sure, sometimes they'll ride side by side a few miles to entertain themselves at the expense of slowing us down but after all, don't we all have a little mean streak somewhere inside us?

This episode, however, shows the truer side of the teamster, for the most part, kind, considerate, soulful men, and women with families of their own who spend a lot of lonely hours on the super slab.

I love it when humans work together and do something really good. From the Talmud: "If you save one life, you've saved the world." (paraphrased)

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