He was a young and healthy 39-year-old who'd attended school with Orlando Bloom, but that wasn't his only claim to fame. Max Spiers was well known in conspiracy circles that did deep and sometimes dark and persistent research on the existence of evidence on this planet of visitors from other realms and realities.

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His mother has offered her suspicions that he was getting close to something big, and looking too deeply into certain people and organizations associated with the government, according to a story appearing in The Mirror.

The young and otherwise healthy father of two was on vacation with friends in Poland, when upon returning home to his friend's house, developed a high fever, began slurring his words, vomited up about two quarts of a black fluid, and keeled over the next day, dead.

To further add to the mystery, the suspicious death was treated differently by Polish authorities, as the inquest was delayed for a period of time before they ultimately declared he'd died of natural causes. Spiers' body was repatriated to the UK last December, but it may be too late to determine an exact cause of death; the overworked Kent coroners office will only finally get back to the case later this week.

The shadowy world of real information about aliens, alternate universes, time travel, and other supernatural occurrences and events is closely guarded by unknown entities, and those that know the secrets keep them well hidden potentially in a highly organized worldwide cabal.

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