Back in 2015 a US Navy F/A-18 at 25,000 feet over the Atlantic near the US east coast picked up a rapidly moving object below it on the radar. The pilot turned on the camera and caught two minutes of recently de-classified video that appears to provide evidence of the existence of aircraft that is far superior to anything we or any of our allies (that we know of) have.

While it is unclear how the video became de-classified (see it here) Christopher Mellon (a former defense intelligence officer) in a Washington Post editorial claimed the US government treats the sightings as "isolated incidents rather than as part of a pattern requiring serious attention and investigation."

A Pattern? As in all the UFOs ever sighted are all related? Mr. Mellon allows that the US may have also been technologically leapfrogged by China or Russia.

What do you like better, other countries potentially being ahead of us technologically or knowing there may be alien civilizations out there joyriding in our atmosphere?

As of today, neither the US Navy or any other American agency has released an explanation for the sensational video.