While many couples spent Valentines Day reminiscing of their lives together past, or future or simply celebrated their thankfulness at having a mate, a best friend, a compadre', lover and confidant with chocolate and little gifts, one Lake Charles couple got into a heated argument over who knows what.

Thursday around 4:30 pm the Calcasieu Parish Sheriffs Office got a call about a man being shot at while leaving his house.

Sure enough, deputies found out the victim and his girlfriend Ms. Jamie A. Briggs were at home arguing when the victim said he tried to hide a handgun from Ms. Briggs. That's when a physical altercation began, the victim was trying to keep the gun away from her and he finally thought to throw it as far as he could and run like hell out of there.

About the time he reached his truck, she had the gun and had opened fire missing the victim but hitting the driver's side window and windshield.

She Owned Up to The Deputies

Ms. Briggs confirmed to detectives there had been a physical altercation, and yes she'd shot at him. They booked her with attempted 2nd-degree murder, illegal discharge of a firearm during a violent crime and aggravated criminal property damage. Her bond was set at $260,000 by Judge Clayton Davis. Detective Michelle Robinson is the lead investigator in the case.

The victim was left with a few bruises from the tussle for the gun, and debris from the broken truck glass on him.

Happy Valentines Day.