The tinnitus in my ears overwhelms most of the subtle sounds of the world so I really don't participate in discussions of how vinyl 'sounds' better than music delivered digitally.  Of course I'm aware of this great debate and understand both the physics of a steel stylus bouncing up and down and side to side in a groove to reproduce sound versus the motionless digital reproduction of sounds from recorded codes of bits.

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Apparently enough people with good hearing are purchasing record albums, complete with the sleeve, liner notes and artwork to overwhelm what's left of the worlds record-pressing companies because after a 28 year time-out Sony has announced they're building a whole new factory in Japan dedicated to pressing vinyl records.

One of the key differences in purchasing an album versus buying 'music' via download is you're getting the artists complete work that surrounds the single you're downloading. That also seems to matter more to people again.

According to a few stats the vinyl record industry including the purchase of turntables and cleaning accessories (yeah, you have to periodically clean vinyl records) will reach about $1 Billion dollars by the end of 2018. According to the Japanese recording industry they were pressing some 200 million records per year in the mid 1970's and while those numbers likely will never bee seen again - there is no doubt vinyl is back, most likely it will always be a niche product.  But it is Back.

I made a recording once, the record company released a 10 inch disc of me with a 12 inch hole through the middle.  On second thought, the record company kept my record and released me!

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