Did you know Welsh has its own airport?  It’s ok if you didn’t because it’s obscured by trees and obstructions which not only obstruct the view but hamper planes trying to land or take off.  This fact alone has kept the Welsh airport pretty much a SWLA secret, until now.

The town just received $26,000 in grant money from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development for removal of these obstructions which are mostly overgrown trees.

Corbis via Getty Images


Mayor Carolyn Louviere believes the runway needs to be cleared of obstructions and debris – a clear run way will attract more and larger plane traffic is the thought process.  In the past year the airport rec’d some $9,000 to improve the beacon light, yet with trees shrouding the runway pilots understandably were reluctant to attempt a night time landing.

The Welsh airports prime customers are crop dusters who mainly work in the daylight hours in good weather.  The mayor also dreams of a day when hangers could be built to accommodate more planes.