Mark your calendars, it was on this date May 14, 2019 that the leader of the free world with assorted Cajuns in de car passed by our radio station, offices on I10 just east of the Lake Charles Bridge.

The whole crew and visitors lined up on our front lawn to catch a glimpse, and maybe see if the prez saw them.

President Donald J Trump may have averted his eyes from our beautiful lake long enough to catch a glimpse of our Radio Headquarters and official Remote Broadcast Vehicles as he passed. Or maybe Clay Higgins distracted him by telling him he was about to pass over one of the worst bridges in the country.

He Took I10 Over Our Bridge - That Could Be a Good Thing

Actually maybe someone was able to point out to The Donald the rickety status of the bridge. Maybe during his remarks in Cameron he'll announce Lake Charles is getting a new I10 bridge that will be the most fantastic, fabulous bridge ever seen. That he's already talked to contractors who can make it a destination with revolving restaurants at the top so visitors get a 360° view of the area, it will be one of the seven wonders of the world the most fantastic, beautiful highest safest bridge ever seen, that I can tell you.

Or, depending on how long he has to wait on the ferry at Cameron, they'll get a bridge.

To wait on a ferry boat to cross such a small shallow body of water, this should never happen in a country as great as ours, never, ever again. I can hear it now.

There were several Louisiana politicians in that car, man I'd love to have been a flea in one of em's pocket to hear the conversation, there isn't any telling what all was being said or what could happen.

When da president and dem pass by your place.