Some of the many lessons my dad taught me growing up was how to pick the perfect watermelon, how to 'thump' it and which kind of full-fat sound indicated the juciest one of the lot. The second step in the watermelon process was icing it down in its own ice chest away from the drinks a few hours before the barbeque was ready.

I never got the hang of just eating the melon pieces and sorting out the seeds in my mouth to spit them out, and swallowed enough seeds as a child to grow my own patch before I simply started using a fork to separate them from the red salted goodness. Yes, I come from a family that adds salt to the melon, but doesn't everyone?

This weekend in western Louisiana the Beauregard Watermelon Festival takes place in DeRidder, Louisiana in the park at 201 W. 1st Street. It's two days of fun starting Friday at 4 PM until Midnight and starting up Saturday from 10A - Midnight.

In addition to the usual festival accouterments, food vendors, carnival rides and live music, there are watermelon specific events like seed spitting contests and all you can eat contests and a lot of family fun on a hot and sultry Louisiana weekend.

Why not drive out with the kids and have a little fun, for exact schedules, times and locations click here. Or you may call 337-463-5534

Have fun and don't swallow too many seeds.