In our half-hour interview with "American Idol" contestant Joshua Ledet, we were curious to know which artist gave him an "A-HA!" moment -- the moment when he knew he wanted to be a pop star.  It turns out that the answer has roots back in 'Idol's' third season.

It was about eight years ago when a young Joshua Ledet was watching TV and realized, "I just might be able to do this."  See the video to find out what moment sparked what promises to be an incredible career for Josh Ledet.

We caught Josh mid-morning during his interview, but by the middle of this clip, you can clearly see that he's pretty tired.  We can only imagine the pressure and time strain he's been under.

One other cute note -- we invited a few of our Club 921 members into the studio to watch the interview.  You can see them in the background  In their excitement, they just couldn't sit still!