If you travel enough you'll see them on the corners, we even have a few in SE Louisiana. With foldable sharpie hand printed worn-out cardboard signs with the usual: Stranded, Anything Helps, God Bless or Veteran PTSD God Bless and my all-time favorite Will Work for Food, God  Bless. 

The Work for Food cornerman (late 30s, apparent good physical health) was spotted in Denver recently (during my vacay) standing in front of a Wendy's which had giant signs in their windows begging for help at $12 an hour to start, plus free meals. I was tempted to roll down my window and point him in the direction of the Wendy's and to a new start in his life.

Last Friday morning, web developer David Casarez awakened on his park bench in Mountain View, California, splashed off as best he could in the park's water fountains, then put on his best dirty shirt and semi-wrinkled tie and headed out to the nearby highway intersection with his handwritten sign and a stack of resumes.

Resumes? David's sign informed the world in bold all capital letters: HOMELESS, HUNGRY 4 SUCCESS. TAKE A RESUME.

Within 48 hours of a passerby Jasmine Scofield taking his photo it went viral and hit the local newspapers, twitter, facebook and other platforms. He was overwhelmed at over 200 job offers including Google who reached out to him.

David has a bachelors degree in MIS from Texas A&M and had a great job at GM in Austin, Tx. when he decided to launch out on his own. He sold everything, cashed in his 401(K) and headed for Silicon  Valley to begin his own tech startup.

He soon ran out of cash at a time when no one was hiring, his dream of being the next tech oligarch blowing away like the sands of Laguna Beach.

With no money coming in the luxuries of life began to disappear, his furniture, then apartment was gone forcing David to live in his utility van, a 2015 Ford Transit. In due time the van was repo'd about a month ago driving David to a park bench.

Defeated but not beaten David Casarez did a little freelancing, web design jobs and other small potatoes work, usually from the free wi-fi at the neighborhood coffee shop, then the idea hit him.

He ran off fifty or so resume's at Fed Ex, put on his best shirt and tie and hit the corner proudly proclaiming he's willing to work for success.

Ms. Scofield posted his photo around 5 PM California time on Friday, asking her friends to retweet to help out. Within 24 hours it had been reposted between 50,000 and 70,000 times.

Casarez, who granted his permission to tweet the photo told an area TV station he was kind of in shock, he wasn't expecting that kind of response it just blew up and now he's got offers to pick from, even a job in Tokyo for a bitcoin operator if he'd like to travel.

American can-do self-reliance and ingenuity, in the long run, it just never seems to fail.

God Bless.


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