They don't work for the mall, no mall business has hired them. They work for you, as always. But from November 23 the so-called Black Friday massive shopping day across the country all the way through December 26th, Boxing Day or the day ugly sweaters and poorly functioning gifts are returned, deputies will be in and around and outside in the parking lot for our safety.

The CPSO announced today that the Annual Robbery Prevention Mobilization (RPM) team will be in the parking lot at Prien Lake Mall, seven days a week from noon until one hour past mall closing.

The presence of law enforcement on the premises is expected to be a deterrent for crime in the parking lot, just like it seemingly has for the past 12 years the CPSO has done this, 2018 is their 13th year.

You can call on officers to help you find your car, walk with you to your car and provide general security. You can not expect the officers to answer whether one scarf would look better on your niece than the other.

During the period, deputies will also step up regular visits to convenience stores, clerks in the mall stores, the Southgate Shopping Center on Ryan, the Power Center on Hwy 14 and the Target Shopping Center on Prien Lake Road.