As the old saying goes there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes.  And incredibly it is possible to cheat both periodically, though in every case throughout history so far 'death' always wins out.  However for some cheating on your taxes, under-reporting income, taking a little extra (just under the amounts that automatically triggers audits) in credits and allowances have become a sort of sport for some.

But not for women - this is not to say women will not cheat on their taxes, they're just less-likely to according to new research conducted throughout four countries - the US, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Italy.  Note that three of these are also heavily taxed countries with a lot of 'free' social services.

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The Rules Are Confusing All Over The World

The researchers set up different tests, read the complete story here, in which various scenarios were set up that allowed the study subjects to report various amounts of income, knowing there would be a 5% fine if they were caught cheating and also there was a 5% probability of being audited.

Most of the subjects that chose to cheat reasoned that the odds of not being audited were 95% and that the fine of 5% if caught, was manageable.

It's interesting to note that going into the testing, the proctors thought that countries with more 'gender equality' would also see an even level of cheating (I'm not sure I like that these guys presumed 100% of the subjects would cheat going in) but in every country the women were less likely to cheat and to be more honest about their taxes.

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As near as I can determine the researchers thought that all cheating would be equal, as women in the modern age are told/taught to be as aggressive as men.  The scientists I believe ultimately determined that though there are a few 'Ma Barkers' in the ranks of women, age-old social norms kick in and women are more honest when it comes to reports made to the state.

This is good to know; women are more honest than men.  Except when it comes to time... if a woman tells you she'll be ready in ten minutes you need to know that means 30 minutes minimum.

But women and time-telling are subjects for another future scientific study.