If you purchased a new car over the weekend, here's hoping you didn't waste money on the extended warranty, as the world is set to end today.

According to Christian conspiracy theorist David Meade, the earth's alignment today (23 April 18) with the sun and moon in Virgo along with Jupiter, is the sign of the Messiah and sometime before midnight, the Rapture will occur thus ending the earth's existence as we've known it.

By the way, in the US alone there are 9 time zones and over 40 planet-wide so the end could literally come at any second.

Actually, the alignment is a phenomenon that occurs every 12 years, so scientists and naysayers are skeptical, but Mr. Meade insists this time is different because at the same time another planetary alignment representing the "Lion of the tribe of Judah' makes today the date of the Rapture.

According to Meade, other signs to look for in the skies today (the Lake Charles forecast is for partly cloudy to sunny skies) is the appearance of Planet X, let's hope the clouds clear away in time for that.

Of course, NASA has previously debunked the existence of Planet X over and over referring to it as a hoax, and others like Jonathan Sarfati has suggested this complex alignment has happened four times over the past 1,000 years and we're all still here.

As I suggested once to a good and dear friend who considers himself a super knowledgeable person vis a vis the Rapture, I said: what if it happened already and you and I didn't make it? He was silent a few moments, I totally ruined his breakfast that morning.

While I'm no expert in biblical passages, I know that somewhere in there it says something about no man knowing the day or the hour, and we should all be ready and prepared at any time for anything.

If you'd like to dig into this a little more click here.

Yes, throughout this article my tongue has been planted squarely in my cheek, but I hope they're right, I already threw away my jury duty summons.

ESA via Getty Images - Such a nice planet, be a shame to see it go.

One other note, if you're reading this, it apparently ain't happened yet.